Keep up with Mop 'n' Glide!

The Mop’n’Glide™ equips you to quickly spot mop your floor without making a project out of it.

What? Sweeping and Mopping at the same time?

When it comes to maintaining your kitchen floor “keeping up” is better than “getting around” to it.

Let’s face it, tackling that overdue kitchen floor is easy to put off. You’ve got better things to do than dragging out the equipment and curbing foot traffic until everything is clean and dry.

Occasional spot mopping using the Mop’n’Glide method keeps up appearances in a fun and easy way. No need to cover every square inch. Just hit the trouble spots. The average kitchen takes about 2-4 minutes to tidy up with little or no drying time and looks like you did a labor intensive job!

The secret is our special pads. Simply step on these two pads, slightly damped with plain water, and glide across the floor picking up dirt and absorbing moisture as you simultaneously sweep ahead of yourself. Your body weight helps you get serious with spots, stains and smudges while you whisk the dry debris into a dustpan.

No more panicking when your dinner guests catch you off guard. When they pull into the driveway just grab your handy pads and by the time they ring the doorbell you’re ready for them!

“My momma didn’t raise no fool, I can do anything if I got the right tool!”

- Bobby Gentry

We’ve all tossed a hand towel on the floor and pushed it around with one foot to mop up a spill or wipe up a mess. Not a bad idea, but the wrong tool. It balls up under your foot, doesn’t totally rinse out, and has to be hung up some place to dry before you can throw it into the hamper.

Never has there been a better tool for sprucing up your kitchen floor (or any hard surface) than our “split fiber” pads. They are scientifically designed not only to be absorbent and glide, but with added pressure they can be mildly abrasive without marring your floor. The ribbed border helps you dig out corners and crevices.

Notice the dense microscopic piling fashioned to entrap contaminating particles yet rinse clean. (pictured close-up in the above photo)

Mamma never had it so good!